The Deep End Fitness (DEF) Program is designed for all levels of athletes, corporate leaders, and high performing individuals to develop mental focus, help manage stress, strengthen water confidence, and build efficient breathing techniques through enhancing water and life confidence.

While Deep End Fitness builds the physical aspects through low impact training of strength, muscle endurance, speed, CO2 tolerance, VO2 max, and lung capacity in and out of the water, our program also focuses strongly on the mental aspect of training through the operating system of (FREE): mental Focus, on-demand Relaxation, Economy of Motion, and Efficient Breathing.

We build focus by safely pushing your mental capacity to its limits to build mental failure tolerance, eliminating distractions, focusing on one objective at a time, and practicing mindfulness. Remaining relaxed and calm under pressure is the key to outperformance.

We build on-demand relaxation by properly managing your energy systems, speeding up the decision making process, and controlling stressors. 

We build economy of motion by better managing our body and life movements to reduce fatigue, unnecessary movements, to increase speed and efficiency. Efficient breathing is at the core of calmness, confidence, focus, and endurance and most people do not do it properly.

We build efficient breathing techniques through full diaphragmatic breaths and different breathing patterns to improve exercise, sleep, mood, heart, nervous system, muscles, and brain.

The Deep End Fitness Program was developed incorporating techniques, procedures, and fitness training methodology by staff with experience from special operations water survival/dive training, multiple fitness certifications, and most importantly real-life experience training thousands of people over the past 10 years.  

Safety is the number one priority. All DEF training is to be conducted under the supervision of a lifeguard and/or a fully trained and qualified safety instructor, at a minimum a buddy/guardian is required to any underwater training.


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