Fixed Mindset vs Growth Mindset & Why You Need a Coach

Here we explain the difference between a fixed mindset (like those who give up easily) and a growth mindset and how a coach like Deep End Fitness can help.

What is Mindset Coaching?

We often associate the term “coach” or “coaching” with athletics and physical training, but it can be applied to more than that. The mind, like the body, has to be trained. As children, our parents are more or less our coaches, helping us navigate our emotions and challenging scenarios to the best of their ability. As we get older, we do not suddenly stop needing help, and sometimes the help is even more necessary.

Often these problems we are dealing with ultimately require a shift in our mindset—or at least would significantly benefit from one—and so one can conclude that a mindset coach should be sought out. However, not everyone knows what they are getting into with a mindset coach. Like anything new or unfamiliar, it can seem incredibly daunting. So if you’re considering a mindset coach, or just want to know more about mindset coaching, take a few minutes to do some reading while we dive into it.

Fixed Vs. Growth Mindset

Mindset is the belief one has established about themself, life, and reality. However, the mindset we are talking about expands on that definition. The concepts of growth and fixed mindset were extensions established by Carol Dweck

Dweck says a growth mindset “…is based on the belief that your basic qualities are things you can cultivate through your efforts.” You are capable of change and growth and improvement. The place you are at right now mentally and physically can be improved upon. You have every ability to succeed.

The fixed mindset, on the other hand, is essentially the opposite. With a fixed mindset, Dweck explains that one believes “…that success is about being more gifted than others, that failure does measure you, and that effort is for those who can’t make it on talent.” That means that if you avoid challenges, give up easily, and/or don’t attempt to learn from your mistakes, you probably have a fixed mindset.

If you believe that you cannot grow, change or improve, you probably have a fixed mindset. If you believe that you can push through, learn from your mistakes, and grow as a person, you have a growth mindset. The goal is to change your fixed mindset, and develop a growth mindset.

How Does Mindset Coaching Look

As we know, coaching is not limited to just the physical, and is applied in so many other ways. When it comes to mindset coaching, it can take a lot of forms depending on the person or issue at hand.

One basic example could be when a person is struggling to find a job or make progress in their career. This person would go to a mindset coach who would then get to know and understand the person and the situation. They figure out what may be impeding the person in making progress and give them advice, suggestions, and direction where they may need it. They would also look at what emotional struggles may be present, and devise ways in which to navigate that.

Maybe the person is having to navigate anxiety they aren’t even aware of. Perhaps the person genuinely believes they aren’t able to get anywhere. The mindset coach will learn all of this, and in time be able to find ways to boost confidence in the person, and present possible areas where alternative action would be wise.

Mindset coaching can even take form through the structure of group fitness. Deep End Fitness offers just that for their clients seeking both a physical challenge and the experience of general improvement. The athletes go through a rigorous workout together, and through that, they experience a less discussion-based understanding of their own potential and capabilities. Pushing through training and coming out with a sort of freedom and confidence in themselves. They learn to focus on what matters and accomplish an exhausting task in the process.

So What Does Mindset Coaching Mean

Mindset coaching is the process of guiding, motivating, and aiding an individual or any number of people through obstacles they are trying to overcome. It means having the knowledge and ability to be presented with what can seem and feel like an impossible situation and problem-solving while navigating emotions, physical impediments, and mental blocks.

Not all coaches are going to be equal, so it may take some research to figure out the right fit for you. But a little research will go a long way as there are plenty of coaches available and new coaches are popping up everywhere. But having a coach that is experienced and familiar can be a huge benefit, especially when their clientele can speak to the success. 

Places like Deep End Fitness offer experienced coaching for those interested. We have a whole program designed, F.R.E.E. Your Mind Coaching as well as a book on Amazon, the F.R.E.E. Your Mind Guidebook

And having plenty of coaches on hand, like the founders of Deep End Fitness and Underwater Torpedo League Don Tran and Prime Hall,  you are bound to find one that suits you personally. Though you may feel you know more about mindset coaching, the reality is, you could read every article and blog on the topic, but the only way to really know what it’s like is to experience it for yourself!

Published by Don Tran

Don Tran served 12 years in the military as a Marine Raider and water survival instructor, he is a candidate at the USC EMBA Program. Don has a passion for coaching, relentless training, and pushing the limits in every environment from the gym, to the pool, to working in the office. Don applies his real-world experience as a leader in the military, business entrepreneur, and mindset/fitness coach to teach focus, efficient movement, and mental fortitude. Don strives to help athletes and individuals overcome fears, break boundaries, and become the best version of themselves.

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